#11 Huxley: Jane Bread w/ Smoked & Whipped Lardo (’15)


The Place:

Someone described Huxley to us as a diamond in the rough, and it is just that. Hidden in the tenderloin, surrounded by dingy storefronts and questionable characters, sits this little restaurant. Blink and you will miss it. With only about 25 seats, Huxley is incredibly cozy. The kitchen is open to the dining room and we sat at the counter so we could watch the cooks do their work.


The Dish:

For those who don’t know, lardo is not lard. It is cured Italian pork fat, which is sometimes cured with a variety of herbs. It’s essentially pure fat, but it’s REALLY good pure fat (think pork belly fat or salami fat). We’re not entirely sure what their process is, but Huxley has had a genius idea of smoking and whipping the lardo into a spread. The dish is served with a rustic bread from the nearby Jane bakery. Bread and fat, what could be better?

We’ll admit, this dish may not be for everyone, but we thought it was pretty good. The spread has this rich umami like flavor, and the smokiness isn’t overpowering. The bread is soft yet hearty, and is the perfect vessel for the spread.  We also tried their avocado toast with sea urchin and sesame seeds, another fantastic mouth assault that might not be for everyone (you either love sea urchin, or want to avoid it like the plague).

The Verdict:

We feel this is perfect for a cold day when you’re feeling adventurous. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this is something we can get down with.

Dig In,

A & K

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