#14 Il Cane Rosso: Warm Egg Salad Sandwich

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The Place:

The Ferry building on a warm weekend day is always a treat.  Beautiful fruits and vegetables from Farmer’s Market are everywhere, the shops and stalls are bustling, selling everything from oysters to fine chocolates.  People bask in the sun along the bay and watch seagulls try and snag the occasional treat from unsuspecting patrons.  It’s here you’ll find Il Cane Rosso (The Red Dog), tucked inside the building along with many other restaurants (though we use the term loosely, as most of the places are a combination of an open kitchen / register and self seating).  Il Cane Rosso has a small seating area outside so you can either get your food to-go or sit outside and enjoy the view.

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The Dish:

Due to some textural difficulties Kristina declined in trying this dish, so I’ll take things over from here.  The sandwich is served open faced on toasted Acme focaccia that’s been spread with a rich garlic anchovy butter.  The egg salad is heaped on top and covered in melted provolone cheese and lightly dressed arugula.  The egg salad is prepared with fresh Petaluma eggs and a garlic, tarragon and caper aioli.  The first bite shows that this stuff is VERY different from your run of the mill egg salad you find at a deli or grocery store.  This salad rightfully does away with the sweet and overwhelming mayo flavor common in egg salads and instead replaces it with a garlicky and salty flavor explosion.  The combination of flavors is intense and very rich (you’ll want a beverage with this dish).  The arugula provides a nice balance to cut through the cheese, eggs, butter and anchovy that pervades this bad boy.  The bread is crucial to this dish as it provides a sturdy vehicle for the salad that doesn’t crumble as well as a nice bit of crunchy texture.  All and all it’s a great marriage of some classic Italian flavors that I hold dear to my part Italian heart.

The Verdict:

I’m worried that this sandwich has ruined egg salad for me since it will be a standard I’ll compare to all others.  I highly recommend trying this sandwich the next time you’re at the Ferry Building, you won’t be disappointed.

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