#2 Bar Crudo: Seafood Chowder (’14)

The Place:


Located on busy Divisadero street, Bar Crudo focuses on simplicity.  Simple decorating, a simple kitchen, and simple (but great) food.  The restaurant is long and narrow with two levels, and one small, open kitchen on the bottom floor.  One of the first things you see when you walk in is huge shelves packed with ice and covered in fresh seafood.  Just try not to get excited at the sight of all those fresh goodies waiting to be devoured, we dare you.

The menu has very few hot dishes, instead highlighting the raw seafood in a variety of accompaniments and a long beer list to boot.  Though we were there to try one of their hot dishes, we definitely made sure to get some of that sweet, sweet raw fish that was eyeing us.

The Dish:


What’s the first thing you judge a chowder on?  For us, it’s the amount of stuff inside.  Curse the chowder that fails to offer more than a few small clams, or a couple lumps of whitefish.  Those chowders are jerks.  THIS chowder however, is chock full of ocean stuff.  Things like fish, shrimp, mussels, squid, bacon, and potatoes.  You can see it poking out of the chowder when the server brings it by.

Of course, the second thing you judge a chowder on is how it tastes.  This one tastes like Poseidon himself might have prepared it.  It’s creamy, spicy, smokey from the bacon, but most interestingly (and what puts it over the top for us) it’s got a great tanginess to it.  It’s not a surprise why this is on the List.  If it’s cold out, this is what you want to eat.  Even if it’s not cold out, you want to eat this.

The Verdict:

Yep, yes, yeah, uh huh, affirmative.  This is some good chowder.

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  • Mark

    January 10, 2016 at 3:26 am Reply

    Looks like it would be a great lunchtime filler for me today on this chilly January Sunday, just coming in with frozen hands from morning work out in the garden!

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