#27 Bix: Tuna Tartare and a Gin Martini


The Place:

If there’s a word to describe Bix it’s swanky.  Tucked down a little alley by Jackson Square, Bix exudes a strong retro appeal.  With low lighting, mahogany panels, and a jazz theme, one almost feels like a martini is the only option.  We definitely felt like our level of class went up a couple notches just by setting foot in the place.  The space is open, split between bar area and dining room with a wraparound mezzanine upstairs.  We’re pretty sure this is where people go if they want to “hobnob” (do people still hobnob?).


The Dish

Unfortunately, Bix no longer has the tuna tartar on the menu, so we settled for some gourmet deviled eggs to accompany our gin martinis.  We were a little apprehensive because until recently, neither of us were big gin fans, but we were ready for the challenge.

First off, we’ve been pretty happy with the recent growth in deviled eggs.  People have gotten quite experimental (we’ve seen ones with bacon, roe, pickled veggies, and plenty other ingredients), and have produced some great results.  Bix’s version was pretty straightforward, with only a little truffle and radish.  In this case, less was more as the truffle and radish gave the eggs a great little accent of flavor.  Not too much mayo either, and with a great texture.

On the martini side we were quite pleased.  Obviously any bartender worth their salt can make a good martini, but this was really more about ambience.  There was something about how the drink paired with the atmosphere that had us satisfied and feeling good.


The Verdict

We enjoyed ourselves at Bix.  Can you get a good gin martini anywhere?  Sure, but if you’re looking to up your cool quotient, Bix is not a bad place to do so.

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