#34 Bar Tartine: Burger (sub Pastrami Sandwich)


We haven’t really been going through The List at what anyone would call a fast pace.  We’re still working through the 2011 version, so from time to time we come across dishes that are no longer available.  Unfortunately, this is one of those times, as Tartine no longer has the burger on the menu.  Instead of the burger, we went for the above pictured pastrami sandwich.

The Place:

Bar Tartine is the direct relative of the afore-written Tartine Bakery.  This of course means that we went into this dish with high hopes and big expectations.  Bar Tartine is located in the Mission, only a few blocks from the bakery.  It’s a bit of a combination spot; part restaurant, part sandwich shop, and part retail.  The space is very functional and simple.  During the day it’s a bit more relaxed as people come in and out, ordering from the barista window, perusing the cookbooks (written by Tartine), and eating at the tables.  At night, it turns into more of a a full service restaurant, with traditional seating.


The Dish:

In lieu of the burger we went for the pastrami sandwich.  We are big fans of pastrami, but we’ve found that for a simple sandwich, the quality really can vary a lot.  This type of dish is a great example of when simplicity and quality really make a difference.  The sandwich came toasted and consisted of hearty bread, a nice helping of pastrami, mayo, sauerkraut, and a dressing.  A couple bites in we knew that this sandwich was straight and to the point, but very good.  It was everything you would expect and want from a pastrami.  There’s something to be said about good consistency, like when you get a grilled cheese sandwich.  You don’t need extras or extravagance, you just want what you know.  In this respect, the sandwich is fantastic.

The Verdict:

We are now firmly of the mindset that if it has Tartine in the name in SF, it’s worth a try.

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