#48 Blue Bottle: Belgian Waffle

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The Place:

It doesn’t get much trendier than Blue Bottle Coffee in San Francisco.  Leading the charge of the craft coffee craze, Blue Bottle benefits from lines out the door at pretty much any of their locations. They’re selling packaged iced coffee in Whole Foods, they were one of the first to exclusively make their cups of coffee by the pour over method (this means waiting a few minutes for your cup), and they’ve raised $25 million to continue their expansion (yes, 25).  Basically, they are hot shit right now.  Though with all the hype and accolades, the bottom line is that they roast and make some fresh, damn good coffee.

For our trip to Blue Bottle, we opted for the Ferry Building location so we could also enjoy the Saturday Farmer’s Market.  While there was a sizable line when we got there, we leveraged our insiders knowledge to go around to the secret window (it’s actually labeled Blue Bottle Secret Window and is not that much of the secret, there were still about 10 ppl ahead of us).

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The Dish:

Though coffee is what they’re known for, we were actually here for another reason, the Belgian Waffle.  We were a little unsure about what this dish would be.  Would we be getting a waffle on a plate with whipped cream or syrup?  Would it be one of those packaged, pre-made waffles you see in airports?  Turns out they make their waffles fresh to order, and serve them plain, all wrapped up in a coffee filter.  The waffle is right off the iron and is nice and warm when you get it.  Being sugar fanatics, our first thought was “oh, no syrup?”.  Our second thought was “ohhhhhhh man that’s tasty!”.  The first thing they did right was nail the texture.  The outside is lightly crunchy and crisp, while the inside is fluffy and releases a little steam off your first few bites.  Whoever came up with their batter is a waffle genius.  Though it’s not served with any toppings, the waffle has a perfect hint of sweetness, without going too far.  It is the perfect accompaniment to the full body flavor of their coffee.

The Verdict:

Though the lines can be painful sometimes, the waffle and the coffee make it worth the wait to try this dish.  If you’re from out of town it’s a good way to enjoy what is becoming an iconic SF brand.  If you’re a local, it’s another tasty treat from a delicious city.

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