#73 (2014) M.Y. China: Wild Boar Scissor Cut Noodles


The Place:

Located in the Westfield Mall’s “Restaurant Collection”, M.Y. China casts a great first impression with it’s polish and style.  The design is very modern, with lot of dark wood and granite, and a nice open kitchen.  That part is especially cool because you get to watch the noodle makers do their thing, stretching huge balls of dough into long, slender noodles.  Overall it feels like a nice mix between high end and approachable.


The Dish:

In addition to the noodles and the boar, the dish had bean sprouts, scallions, and wood ear mushrooms.  Simple, straightforward, and our type of dish.  One of the things M.Y. hangs it’s hat on is it’s noodles and we can see why.  The noodles in this dish were shorter, scissor cut noodles, that had a shape like a green bean.  The texture of these babies were soft, with a nice plump mouth feel, and a great vessel for the sauce.  The boar was juicy, and not at all gamey, and the veggies added a nice crisp balance.  Overall this was a solid dish, not much flash, but plenty of substance.

The Verdict:

We think there’s something to be said for good Chinese food, especially since so many people associate Chinese with the cheap takeout they get when hungover and too lazy to move.  M.Y. China is nice, the food is good, and getting to watch the cooks work adds a nice bonus to the meal.  If you find yourself in the mall, skip the food court and get yo self some noodles.

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