#82 Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant: Margarita

The Place:

It was a Friday night and we felt a hankerin’ for some Mexican food.  We named off the typical places around our neighborhood which are mostly just taquerias, but Kristina had the urge for a classic Mexican sit-down meal.  One of those restaurants where there are booths, colorful homemade artwork and chips and salsa that threaten to ruin your appetite.  Luckily the list had the perfect place for us, Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant in the Sunset District.

Tommy’s is very well known for one thing, and that one thing is tequila.  They boast over 300 different bottles, all of which are 100% agave (a good sign for quality.  Most cheap or crappy tequila you come across won’t be 100% agave).  On top of that they have Julio Bermejo.  Julio, whose parents opened Tommy’s in 1965, has the esteemed title of the ONLY Tequila ambassador to the US from the state of Jalisco in Mexico.  This means that the state of Jalisco decided that Julio, and ONLY Julio was qualified to represent and pass knowledge about their tequila to the US.  Not too shabby.

The Dish:

Simplicity can be such a beautiful thing, and this margarita exemplifies that sentiment.  Tequila, fresh lime, agave nectar and salt.  That’s it.  That’s all that goes into this beverage and that’s all it needs.  This margarita tastes exactly like you want every margarita to taste like whether you’re on the beach in Mexico, in your backyard bbq, or grabbing dinner with your significant other.  The taste is fresh and the citrus, tequila and sweetness are in perfect harmony.  We think the key is using agave nectar instead of triple sec.  Often margaritas have that too sweet taste due to an overuse of triple sec or even pre-made margarita mix (a sin to margaritas everywhere).  Not too much else you can say about this drink other than yes, it’s good.

The Verdict:

This place is fantastic and if you want sit-down mexican food, you want to go to Tommy’s.  Oh, did we mention this place has possibly the best margarita we’ve ever had?  Bottom line, the margarita rocks, the food is great and the atmosphere is fun and lively.

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