#84 Plow: Crispy Potatoes (’15)

The Place:



We don’t venture out to Potrero Hill often, but when a friend of ours (who just happens to work at Plow) asked us what our breakfast plans were, we jumped at the chance to try the famed SF breakfast spot.

Plow has your classic neighborhood restaurant feel.  It’s small, charming, and away from the noise and commotion of the city.  We immediately felt relaxed when we strolled up, which for breakfast, is a huge plus.  Inside everything is colorful and brightly highlighted by the streams of natural light that flow in through the large windows.  The open kitchen produces wonderful smells as the staff nimbly navigates the confines of the interior (tight but not too tight).

The hallmark of any good restaurant is a solid staff, and Plow definitely has that.  They are attentive and energetic, refilling coffee, water, and drinks before you even need to ask. The kitchen churns out food without even batting an eye, and everything just seems to flow.  We will note, one of the only downsides we noticed is that on the weekends, wait times can climb up to two hours or more.  But hey, that’s a sign that other people have deemed this place awesome 🙂

The Dish:


While we were there for potatoes, we had been told that everything is fantastic.  So what better way than by ordering The Plow, which is 2 pancakes (lemon ricotta or almond flour), 2 eggs, potatoes, and a side of meat.  BAM!!

We went for a split of both pancakes, eggs over easy and scrambled, and pork sausage.  Now that is how you eat breakfast.

First the potatoes.  These bad boys are REAL good.  Boiled, smashed by hand, then fried with rosemary and onions, they are both crispy and fluffy.  The saltiness of the potatoes blends in with the rosemary and onions to create a great flavor.  Throw in a little hot sauce or ketchup and it’d be hard to find better breakfast taters.  We would steal from other people’s plates to get these tasty morsels (and we did).

The rest of the meal didn’t disappoint either.  The pancakes were quite excellent, with the only issue being separating the sweet from savory on the plate (which is not a real issue).  The lemon ricotta was light and almost cake-like, though the nuttiness of the almond flours were our favorite.  The eggs were cooked to perfection, and the scrambled were very creamy but not too wet.  Wrapping it up was the sausage, spiced appropriately and cooked by someone who obviously knew how to do it right.  This is some high quality food, a step above the norm for breakfast.  Needless to say we were very full at the end of this meal.

The Verdict:


You should go to Plow for breakfast.  However, don’t go because you are hungry, go because you want good food and can afford to take your time.  Some people can’t stand the wait (we cheated by knowing someone), but if you put yourself in the right frame of mind, it’s a great dining experience.

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  • Mark B

    February 23, 2016 at 11:28 pm Reply

    Guys, it’s 8:30am here… Just rolled down to the office level and starting to think of breakfast… Checking email first… And I’m slayed by this photo/content. It all looks/sounds great! NOTHING I eat now will satisfy me!

  • Aunt Tina Bakula Lusby

    May 31, 2016 at 2:50 am Reply

    Dear Alex, and Kristina,
    Found this hidden in 3400 emails….Breakfast is my favorite and I don’t get out too often, but maybe sometime when I am in your city and you can come along, my treat!

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