#97 Truly Mediterranean: Lamb Shawerma

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The Place:

We’ve probably walked by Truly Mediterranean a dozen times out in the Mission without ever looking up at the sign.  All those times passing by without ever realizing a possibly delicious dish from The List was right there.  This is a common problem (we use the word problem lightly) for people visiting or new to SF.  There are just so many little restaurants, sandwich shops, and cafes that you kind of tune them out.  Luckily for us we have The List and had spotted the sign recently and headed on in.  It’s a small place, maybe 4 stools to sit on and the counter to order at.  As most shawerma and falafel places do, they have the spinning wheels of roasted meat sitting in the window, ready to be sliced from and served.  A pretty unremarkable looking place, though as we’ve probably said a dozen times, you can’t judge a book you are going to eat by it’s cover…..wait, that doesn’t sound right….oh well.

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The Dish:

For those who don’t know, the most common shawerma is basically roasted meat with some sliced veggies and a variety of condiments, all wrapped up in pita bread (we’re being a little general as it can be done a few different ways).  At Truly Mediterranean we ordered the lamb shawerma, which appeared to have roasted tomatoes, onions, a yogurt sauce, and some sort of other spicy sauce all stuffed inside.  First few bites showed us that this was one of those times where The List had done well.  Shawerma is common enough in SF and since most taste pretty similar, you kind of assume there isn’t one “better” one.  Well this one is better.  For us the differentiator is the spice flavoring.  Typically shawerma have a a decent amount of flavor, but this one leaves the rest in the dust.  It’s like if a bunch of Ford Taurus’ raced a Ferrari.  We couldn’t tell if the flavor came from the meat or the sauce, but wherever it came from, it was straight up awesome.  It’s a slightly curry-like flavor but with more tang, and more distinctly Mediterranean.  Very rich, warm spices that have a medium to high heat.  The wrap also is STUFFED with lamb.  No half-assed attempt here, just a ton of lamb.  The tomato and onion mix in nicely, and the yogurt sauce adds the perfect balance to the spice.  To top it off, the bread has been lightly griddled and is warm, soft, and slightly crispy.

The Verdict:

Add another point to The List’s score.  It’s another solid dish that we will definitely try again.  This isn’t a sitdown place, so you can easily order and eat on the run.  Next time you’re in the Mission and thinking about grabbing a burrito, snag this shawerma instead.

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  • Anonymous

    November 25, 2013 at 9:07 am Reply

    OMG, something else I’ve never even heard of that looks just too delicious. Considering I haven’t had a good burrito in decades, it’d be hard to pass one by for any reason whatsoever, but you definitely just gave me an excellent choice to make… next time I’m (on a mission) in the Mission… Danke!

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