#99 Little Skillet: Fried Chicken and Waffles (’12)


The Place:

Tucked down an alley way a few baseball throws away from AT&T Park, Little Skillet is a window to food excellence (quite literally, there’s no restaurant, just a pickup window).

Though it’s now adjacent to sister Victory Hall, a full bar with seating and ordering options from Little Skillet, the window serves up one of comfort food’s superstars.


The Dish:

Fried chicken and waffles is not something either of us were familiar with growing up, and at first mention, didn’t really appeal to us (give us a break, we were young and ignorant).  However, we remember the first time we tried it, and it was pretty clear what the draw was.  You take salty and spicy, mix it up with sweet, and throw in some great crunchy texture.

That concept can be executed with varying levels of success, depending on a lot of variables.  You have quality of chicken, what you coat it with, how it’s cooked, the waffle batter, type of syrup, and others.  Little Skillet executes on all fronts spectacularly.  The chicken is golden brown, and the breading is crunchy but not to oily, and has a good kick of spice.  When you bite in the chicken is very moist and leaves your mouth watering for more.  The waffles, not to be outdone, are glorious.  Warm and fluffy, these bad boys have a nice little crust that soaks up the maple syrup like a heavenly sponge.  But everything together in one bite and words cannot describe the experience.

The Verdict:

If you like chicken and waffles you will like these chicken and waffles.  If you don’t like chicken and waffles, you will probably still like these chicken and waffles.

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  • Mark

    November 9, 2015 at 1:16 am Reply

    We’re all still young and innocent… ok, at least we’re still inno… ok, at least the fried chicken and waffles sounds great!
    I used to let the syrup from waffles mix in with the omelette and potatoes every Sunday morn, so I can imagine this is indeed excellent. Looking forward to you treating me if/when I make it to SF…! 😉

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