And we are back! (with 2013’s #19 Craftsmen and Wolves: Rebel Within)



It’s been a while party people!  After a winter hibernation (and very busy schedules) we are back on the food scene and ready to again adventure through the culinary landscape that SF has to offer.  So enough with the flowery hellos and tears of joy, lets check out some food!

The Place:

First off, what a name.  Craftsman and Wolves may be our favorite moniker of all time, and we’re jealous we didn’t come up with it.  Located on Valencia street in the Mission, Craftsman and Wolves is a modern take on a bakery (or in their words, a “contemporary patisserie”).  Every pastry and dish has elements of familiarity mixed with the type of interesting ingredients or techniques you see from top notch places around SF.  The modern interior is simple and hip, and lets the focus rest on the display cases full of goodies.


The Dish:

A lot of places in SF are what we would call good hearted.  Craftsman and Wolves is just plain evil.  WHO PUTS A SOFT BOILED EGG IN THE MIDDLE OF A SAVORY MUFFIN!!!!  (sorry, caps lock got stuck there) What kind of evil genius enablers are these people?  Are they trying to turn us into addicts?  If you can’t tell, we are in love with this dish.  I mean, how couldn’t you be, just LOOK AT IT.

This dish is amazing.  The muffin itself is asiago, sausage, and green onion.  When you get it, it looks so unassuming, so innocent.  Yet when you cut inside the golden truth is revealed is all it’s gooey glory.  The texture is fantastic, not too moist, but not dry, and the egg drips out perfectly creating a little yellow pool.  All other savory muffins now have something to look up to.

The Verdict:

Stop reading this and go get one.

Dig In,

A & K


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  • Bob Davis

    February 21, 2015 at 11:58 pm Reply

    I am so pleased you are back at it!!

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