#78 Bob’s Donut and Pastry Shop: Apple Fritter


The Place.

Now we live a block away from this place, and when we first moved here we passed it a few times and didn’t think much.  The sign is unassuming, the shop is small, but it does have a good display window. Finally we tried some pastries and donuts and they were good.  Not write home about it good, but definitely our destination for donuts.  When we spotted it on the list, we were a bit surprised, thinking “really?”.  Then we started noticing a few times we’d walk by and there would be a line.  Once we saw one on a Sunday morning (expected) but then again at 1am friday night (huh?).  So we decided to knock it off our list, and man, it was goooood.

The Dish

The fritter just looks great.  It glistens and shines, and you can see all the little crevices filled with sugar like little nooks of goodness.

Hell yes.

We haven’t had too many apple fritters in our day, but this has to be one of the best. Consistent every time, They’re that good! With sugar, butter and cinnamon carmelizing the outside, a soft and moist center, and sweet apple chunks resting in the middle. This delicacy is sweet, gooey, incredibly substantial and will leave you wanting more.  The only issue we had, is though it’s called an apple fritter, the apple is lacking a bit.  However, apple or no apple, it’s a killer pastry.  We have now found ourselves waiting in line for 30 minutes at 2 in the morning just to get ourselves one of these!  Would it be far-fetched to say you may find yourselves waiting in line at 2 in the morning too? We think not.

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  • Mark

    June 6, 2012 at 6:22 am Reply

    Nice! Can they be sent express to Japan? Wouldn’t complain about having 1 or 2 tomorrow morning even… 😉

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