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We recently were contacted by 7×7 magazine for a feature on an upcoming blog post of theirs.  The article was about a few different SF blogs that were also eating their way through the Big Eat List like we are.  We’re proud to be mentioned and want to thank 7×7 for the love!

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Here is our portion of the post:

“Alex and Kristina are relatively new to SF, and to get to know our fabulous city they decided to eat their way through the 2011 Big Eat, reviewing our picks as they go. 

Number of dishes tackled so far: 50 

Favorite item yet: 

“The Hamburguesa at Don Pistos. This was a very tough decision that involved much hand wringing, cursing and tears. We were torn between the Tuna tostada from Tacolicious and the Tonkatsu ramen at Izakaya Sozai as well, but the hamburguesa just packs this unique, meaty flavor explosion that we’ve never encountered before. We’re also huge fans of Don Pistos as a whole, so we’d have to go with that.”

Dish they would nominate for next year:

“The Tea Leaf Salad at Burma Superstar. This is another dish that stands out for the unique flavor and great texture balance. Excellent example of a dish being greater than the sum of its (many) parts.”

Thanks again 7×7 and loyal readers!

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A & K

#57 Lucca Delicatessen: Sandwich No. 1

  The Place.

Down in the busy heart of Chestnut Street, Lucca Delicatessen sits as a little portal to Italy.  As we walked in,  we immediately began salivating as we surveyed the hanging salame, coppa, the sliced meats, cheeses, breads, sauces and other ingredients, most of which are straight from the mother land.  The huge deli counter houses a variety of freshly prepared dishes, each looking  as good as the last.  The place seems to be always bustling, and the deli workers are quick and polite.  You take a number and countdown the minutes until you get to indulge in your fancy.  The only problem is trying to decide what to have.  Fortunately, the List picked for us.Continue Reading

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