#57 Lucca Delicatessen: Sandwich No. 1

  The Place.

Down in the busy heart of Chestnut Street, Lucca Delicatessen sits as a little portal to Italy.  As we walked in,  we immediately began salivating as we surveyed the hanging salame, coppa, the sliced meats, cheeses, breads, sauces and other ingredients, most of which are straight from the mother land.  The huge deli counter houses a variety of freshly prepared dishes, each looking  as good as the last.  The place seems to be always bustling, and the deli workers are quick and polite.  You take a number and countdown the minutes until you get to indulge in your fancy.  The only problem is trying to decide what to have.  Fortunately, the List picked for us.

The Dish

The Sandwhich No. 1 is a classic deli sandwhich.  A trio of Italian cold cuts (mortadella, salame, ham), pepperjack cheese, Italian peppers, mustard, mayo, tomato, mixed greens, all on Acme bread.  Simple, yet divine.  Now having had our share of deli sandwiches, we both agreed that the balance of ingredients made this one stand out from the pack.  We identified a few things that really put it over the top.  First, all of the ingredients are great quality, which is always a big key.  The mixed greens add a nice, light bitterness that regular lettuce would not, but still provides a great texture balance.  The bread (we’ve gotten the Acme sweet bread both times) is fresh, with a firm crust, and soft inside.  The mustard and peppers both really tie things together with a mix of tanginess and that roasted pepper hint.  Enjoying this sandwich down by the beach at Fort Mason on a warm day is the definition of happiness. Yum, just yum.  Five arbitrary stars fo sho!

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  • Bob Davis

    June 11, 2012 at 3:03 pm Reply

    I just had breakfast a few minutes ago but am already hungry after reading this. Fun, fun!!

  • Aunt Gay

    June 11, 2012 at 4:37 pm Reply

    Great sandwich photo and may need to get up there to sample this place. Very tantalizing description!!!

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