#7 Tartine Bakery: Morning Bun


The Place:

Down the street from Dolores Park lurks a pastry behemoth.  Tartine Bakery boasts a James Beard award winner for Outstanding Pastry Chef as well as a line out the door almost everyday.  Once you gain entry to the small shop there is a large community table to the right with a few smaller tables around it, a coffee bar in the back and a long pastry case on the left filled with baked treasures.  The shop is neither rustic nor sterile, hipster nor avant garde.  It’s just a place to get some terrific food.


The Dish:

We have never had a morning bun quite like the one from the famous Tartine Bakery.  What comes to mind when you think of morning buns?  For us we think of dry, boring pastries that we settle for when cinnamon rolls are 86’d.  Where most morning buns fail, Tartine Bakery’s excels.  So flaky, so crispy on the outside, so moist in the center.  The texture almost reminded us of a croissant because of the layers involved.  The appearance is magnificent, with the most beautiful  golden brown exterior and sugar crystals covering the top.  This patisserie was baked to perfection.  You know when you eat a good cinnamon bun and there is one perfect piece in the very center? One that’s soaked up all the goodness of the exterior?  This bun’s entire inside is that perfect piece.  There was also a slight fruitiness/citrus note that we couldn’t quite put our finger on.  Fortunately we were able to locate the recipe online and find that the sweet citrus was in fact orange zest.  Oh yeah, all these descriptions are based off a DAY OLD pastry.  That’s right, one of the best pastries we’ve ever had was picked up and then eaten the next day.

The Verdict:

Yes, yes, yes.  We don’t care if you are in town for half a day, if you don’t have a sweet tooth, or if you hate waiting in a bit of a line, this bun and bakery are a must for all.

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